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Ur Worth

” Ur Worth Isn’t Based On What Ur Going Through”

We Often Very Naturally Think That Our Situations Or The Waves Of Life That Come Our Way, Dictate And Define Our Worth And Value As A Person.. Let Me Share An Ex: If I Have A Brand New Car Title That I Wanted To Give U, But Rain Had Got It Wet, Would U Still Accept It? Or, If It Was Folded Or Dirty, Would U Still Accept It? OF COURSE U WOULD To Both Questions!!! Just Cause The Car Title May Have Imperfections, It In NO WAY Takes From The Value Of The Vehicle U Would Have Been Give.. Friends, We Each As Individuals Have A Value That Isn’t Based On Our Past, Whats Been Done To Us, Current Possible Struggles Or Based On Others Opinion Of U.. Ur Value Comes In That There Will ONLY EVER Be Just ONE U!!! Never, EVER Again Will There Be Another Exact U!!! Some Of The Kinks Or Imperfections U Make Not Like About UrSelf, Are The Very Things That Help Make Up U. It’s What Makes U Different, Unique And Irreplaceable, A One Of A Kind ( The Original)! U, My Friend Have Value And ARE PRICELESS!!!!! So Remember That 💛

Inspiration encouragement positive photography and thoughts

Looking Back

I Have Found Personally That Looking Back Isn’t Always The Best Idea In Life. HOWEVER, If U MUST Look Back Do It ONLY For A Sec And MAKE SURE It’s SomeThing BEAUTIFUL Ur LOOKING BACK ON! 💙

Inspiration encouragement positive photography and thoughts, uplift and motivate

Be A Original!

Don’t Be A Copy, When U Were Made To Be A Original! It’s So Natural And Easy For Us To Have A Desire To Blend In And Fit In, I Totally Get It And Have Struggled With That Same Desire For Acceptance Through Out My Life As Well.. But I Want To Remind U That What Makes U SO VALUABLE Is That UR A ORIGINAL!!! Ur Kinks, Ur Passions, Ur Desires, Ur Style, Ur Personality, Ur Cares…. All The Things That Make Up U, Are What Make U A ORIGINAL! So…. Dont Blend In When U Were Created To Stand Out! Be A Original, Not A Copy 💛